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Gareth Sheridan

Founder and CEO

Gareth Sheridan

Gareth Sheridan is an award winning entrepreneur, businessman and founder of Nutriband inc. Mr. Sheridan currently sits as CEO of Nutriband Inc.

Mr. Sheridan was Ireland’s ‘Young Entrepreneur of the Year’ in 2014 for establishing Nutriband Ltd. And with it Nutriband was awarded Ireland’s ‘Best New Product 2014’. Mr. Sheridan has further business awards from S. Dublin’s Best Young Entrepreneur and S. Dublin’s Best Startup Company.

Mr. Sheridan has also worked as a Business Mentor with 100 Minds, a social enterprise founded in 2013, that brings together some of Ireland’s top college students and connects them with one cause to achieve large charitable goals in a short space of time.

Mr. Sheridan is also a past Nissan Generation Next Ambassador, receiving the acknowledgement in 2015 by Nissan Ireland as one of Ireland’s future generational leaders.

Mr. Sheridan received a B.Sc. in Business and Management from Dublin Institute of Technology in 2012. Where he concentrated on international economics, venture creation and entrepreneurship.

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