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About Nutriband 

Nutriband is a unique performance driven supplement company.  Our products are on the cusp of supplement innovation. 

Nutriband transdermal patches are designed on the principle that nutrients can be absorbed not only orally but through the skin as well. The medical industry has used this principle for many years with many people receiving angina medication, hormone replacement and also nicotine therapy through the use of transdermal patches. The delivery of nutrients through a patch means that they never have to come in contact with the harsh conditions of the stomach before being absorbed into the blood stream.

Our Idea!

We’re just taking it a step further; our products assist the delivery of health supplements and vitamins, safely and effectively, without the need to swallow chalky coated tablets and large capsules. Our supplement patches have the added benefit that they are absorbed over a sustained period of time (up to 6 hours) for optimal efficacy.

The unique feature of this range is the method of intake. Nutrients are absorbed through the skin through a transdermal patch slowly and sufficiently to meet your body’s demands more effectively than tablets and powders.

Transdermal (taking through the skin) technology is not only becoming more and more mainstream in the medicine industry because of its many benefits, we feel it is also the way forward for the Healthcare industry.

Benefits and Features:

  • Commonly, tablets and capsules give the full dose of the required elements, i.e. vitamins. When you take one of these they are immediately consumed by the body. However, the body does not have the capacity to absorb all the vitamins at one go. Nutriband patches release nutrients at your body’s request. This would mean your body is being kept at a constant level rather than hitting slumps and highs. Therefore, maximizing prolonged performance.
  • Most people know that patches are successfully used in nicotine replacement therapy to help people quit smoking -and that patches are trusted by millions as a proven birth control method. So, the practice of a controlled release of suitable ingredients via an external patch is not new.
  • Another problem with most RTD’s (ready to drink) is pre-packaged hot filled drinks. Juices, sport drinks, minerals, vitamin and energy drinks and hot filled / aseptic drinks heat up the elements of whatever category you’re drinking, i.e. all the vital enzymes, vitamins and minerals. All these important nutrients we’re buying these products for, that we think are improving our health, are lessened. Nutrient values are reduced through this method. When you think you’re consuming a healthy drink instead you are consuming all the chemicals and preservatives and stabilizers that you have to have in hot fill drinks. Through Nutriband’s transdermal patches all these additives are bypassed as the patch contains solely the required nutrients to aid performance.